What Is Your Digital Reputation And Why Is It Important?

Companies and newly established ventures attach importance to their reputation and branding in the digital environment through advertising and marketing efforts. However, these studies usually only stay in the corporate domain. When asked about what companies are doing to their founders or entrepreneurs for their digital reputation, it turns out that they do not give this job as much as they give their brands.

Let's start with digital reputation first. Online activities such as sharing, writing, and sharing photos on social platforms can be considered as factors that contribute to the digital reputation of a person. Shares and the active position in the online world make it possible to create a digital reputation.

Now, with a very simple Google search, many people have access to the social networking profiling, and through their shares there are many different kinds of information available to people. Apart from personal information, you can also have ideas in areas such as which subjects you share most, which topics you are most interested in or do not hear.

At the same time, it can be seen that this person is not an active person, an idea leader, or an online organizer.

Before moving on to the importance of digital reputation, let's take a look at why some managers or CEOs choose not to participate in online platforms or why not.

Many managers can choose not to be digitally active so that they believe their brands have come before their own PR, or that their personal reputation has not preceded the mark. In addition, the CEOs of companies that produce daily consumer goods do not attract the attention of consumers, and these managers are more focused on their brands.

However, personal digital reputation is a condition that needs to be brought to the attention of the person as it is in the name. The end user may not recognize the managers of these companies; but the people in the sector are aware of the presence of these people. However, the vast majority of brands are found in online circles, which means that people working for brands can also be searched in online circles.

Turkey, especially after the fairly rapid growth in recent years of entrepreneurial ecosystem in the number of people doing business in the digital sector seen a significant increase. However, it is seen that a large majority of these people do not exist very much online.

It is also necessary to mention a point here. The topic we are talking about is not always trying to be active in online circles, sending messages on Twitter or Linkedin, opening up a personal website and writing long texts there, and trying to browse by buying followers with money in social networks.

Why is digital reputation important?

You can use social networks to highlight your brand, share your personal knowledge and experience with other interested people in the sector, create your own network and community. Social networks are, in contrast to their general belief, a good tool to be involved in, or to create, a community, rather than being a celebrity or fame.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, with the simplest Google search, you can find all the information about a person on the internet. That's why you can make sure that people looking for you get more accurate information about you by providing your personal web site, twitter or linkedin profiles in the beginning of the page.

Apart from the uses we have mentioned above, there are other points where digital reputation is important for people. If we take the business in terms of entrepreneurs, the information about the person needs to be reached when an article about that person or company is published, and if this person does not care about personal digital reputation, there is not much information about this entrepreneur.

Digital reputation

In recent years, Linkedin profiles have made it possible to obtain information, such as training information or previous work experience, but the vast majority of people who offer their personal reputation more professionally and professionally share this information on their website "about me". This means that the information is more accurate than the other one. If there is information that is not sure about its authenticity, no information is shared about that person, which is bad for the entrepreneur.

Sometimes it is not possible to find a photo of someone other than personal information. In addition to low-resolution, sloppy photos, photos that are not planned to be used for business purposes and shared in social media are presented to the reader in search results, so they are presented to the reader in writing or writing about the person, and this does not leave a good impression on the reader. Of course, at the same time, the content is also damaging to the image of the person who prepared it.

As it is very important in your personal PR as well as your visuals are in many subjects, the use of photography in business life is very important. For this reason, digital reputation is important for people to promote their own. Again, as we mentioned above, with a personal website and very basic SEO work, you can upload a photo to your web site and then make it appear in the search results.

What should you do to improve your personal digital reputation?

In addition to not using social media for your digital reputation, it's also dangerous to misuse it. First of all, you have to decide what kind of sharing you will make via social media. This does not mean you have to make business-oriented exchanges. You need to pay attention to the content of photos and texts you share.

If you include other people in the conversation, entering into dialogue about quarreling or debate can make a bad impression on your followers. In addition, try not to interact with people who follow you and comment on your ideas. So you can start to build a coal.

It is also possible to constantly share about your own brand, which can keep you following. Instead, you can share your interests with the industry and your own field with your followers. If you are interested in writing, you can share your experience with your case study or specialty area at a certain period of time.

With such studies you can come to a certain place in your field of expertise and be considered a person who is worthy of ideas about that subject. People who search for specific topics will help you to stand out with your brand while your direct contact with them after the search results strengthens your personal PR.

Before terminating konuyu, in short, it would be beneficial for you to have a marketing plan for your digital reputation. Of course, do not be afraid when you say marketing plan. Here we are talking about a few minutes a day or a few hours a week. You can help yourself to climb up with your brand as you work on this topic.