Personal Branding

5 Things to Know About Personal Branding

If you are set to look for a job and scouring a job, you are certainly going to confront with personal branding. Or at least, you’re absolutely going to hear explicit information about personal branding and image.

This concept which today we frequently come across with but fail to see around has become usable in building a career. So, what is this personal branding?

Competitive state of labor market affects career life considerably. Finding a job and advancing in one’s career can be achieved by getting in touch with key aspects. Today, there are times when a piece of paper (curriculum vitae) you leave in front of an employer may not have a meaning.

It is a known fact that people take notice of brands while buying personal consumables. When you don’t have any idea about the product you plan to buy, you cherish the brand. No matter how many tests and practices they put forward, we’re accustomed to the fact that brands are more prevailing. Although it is a little strange to make a connection with this fact, personal branding has appeared to be more important before an employer in the process of recruitment and during the career life.

If you want to have a personal branding but don’t know what personal branding is, read the 5 articles below carefully.

Personal Branding (5 Steps)

1 – Check up on yourself:

How are your strengths, weaknesses, improvable sides, skills, abilities, and knowledge? Go through your experience and theoretical knowledge. Put forth all your knowledge. Instead of going into details, try to see the big picture. If you’re a marketing expert, check how you’re in the field of marketing. Are you following the latest trends in your field of expertise? What are the developments in the sector? What is your future forecast of this sector?

Seek the answers of these questions. To ask a more important question; if you were a recruitment professional, would you spare time to dig out your curriculum vitae?

2 – Naturalness and honesty:

Being natural isn’t being cheap, ever. Actually, being natural and honest are difficult behaviors in our world.

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.” Warren Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett (born in August 30th, Nebraska), is a US citizen, stock investor, and a benefactor. He is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway investing company and the richest person on earth with his $62 Billion fortune according to the Forbes Magazine’s “2008 Billionaires List”.

Personal branding and image can never be established by acting as somebody else. It can’t be achieved by impersonating because it will only last for a temporary period. At the end, you are definitely going to become yourself again. And when you do so, there are going to be many problems heaped in front of you.

In order for you to achieve personal branding, it should be others that want to resemble you, rather than you wanting to resemble them.

3 – Look through what makes you different:

The hardest yet the most important question of recruitment interviews is: “why should we hire you?” What makes you different from others?

If you want to take an important step in these interviews, you should look through what makes you different. When you examine carefully, you’ll find significant elements that differentiates you from others. You can start with reviewing your skills.

4 – Developments in the sector and social media:

Developments in technology changes our everyday wares as much as business world. Changing working processes and mechanization creates a substantial and wide dynamism in business world. Don’t let these fast and wide spreading changes alienate you from these changes. You should closely follow the changes in your business sector.

Of course, acquainting yourself with these information isn’t enough. You should share your opinions and thoughts with the world so as to pave the way for personal branding. Releasing the very first information about the developments or criticizing the developments will eliminate many obstacles on the way towards personal branding.

Though it was difficult for a person to become a brand formerly, it is very easy to reach wide crowds thanks to the social media.

You should definitely have a personal website and active in social media!

5 – Focus:
Don’t fall apart in order to accelerate personal branding. Focus on the keywords just like writing an article. Discover what makes you different and focus on that. Repeat the message you want to disseminate many times.