Exterior Appearance And First Resolve

Is not "Outward appearance" and "First impression" so important for all of us?

Today, the Internet has become one of the most used sources for getting ideas about doctors. Turkey also has 46 million Internet users. As a result, "digital reputation management" gained great importance. This issue will probably become even more important in the future than it is today. That is why it is necessary to have knowledge about digital reputation and to take steps in the web world in this frame.

Digital reputation can be defined as the creation of a positive perception and recognition of the individual with the website created for him / her in the internet environment.
"Do you ever ask Google for your name?"

A patient decides to go away after doing research on the internet before going to a doctor. Someone is researching the information about the person on the internet.

That's why people with Web sites and social media platforms get successful results.

Those who can not use these platforms correctly face the negativity that can not be achieved with the targeted revenue, until after a social media crisis, to seriously lose reputation.
Why do they prefer us? Our differences ...

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